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"Art is freedom and that is the most important thing" - Renderosity Vendor Anagord

I got to chat with Renderosity vendor Anagord about her background and love of her. She even graciously provided a freestuff item, which you can download here.

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Getting to Know Renderosity Vendor Dante78
Getting to Know Renderosity Vendor Dante78

I had the pleasure and honor to get to know Renderosity vendor, Dante78. He has so graciously provided us with a freestuff item, which is at the bottom of this article and also here.

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Renderosity Artist Profile: dochtersions
Renderosity Artist Profile: dochtersions

Renderosity artist, dochtersions, works in the mediums of fractal art and photography. This artist profile features excerpts from her Artist of the Month (May,2015) interview and a new video with scenes from her home and garden area in South Netherlands along with many new art works. Splash image: A tiny moth by dochtersions.

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"Art is my escape from this troubled world" by Simon-3D

A long discussion about how Simon-3D got started with Renderosity.

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"'Art' is what real artists do"

I chatted with Renderosity member Steve K., who won the Carrara forum challenge! Get to know him.. today.

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Brandy Thomas (RavynGyrl)
Brandy Thomas (RavynGyrl) "Art has always been my passion because it's something that lives and breathes within me"

It's time to get to know Renderosity member RavynGyrl.

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Tiggersprings: "I think art can be a bridge between cultural differences and language gaps"

I had a talk with Renderosity member Tiggersprings about how she made her way into art. Take a second to read more about her.

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Eva (nirvy):
Eva (nirvy): "It's who I am, it's what I am"

"Where to begin and where to end? Gosh, that's a hard one!" says Nirvy. "It's Digital art that changed my life."

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Barnali Bagchi (moonbeam1212):
Barnali Bagchi (moonbeam1212): "To me art means beauty"

Becoming a professional artist was the best decision I ever took. I now enjoy a sense of freedom and creative satisfaction that no other career could have given me. And I have art to thank for this beautiful change in my life.

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Stacy Avila (kaleya):
Stacy Avila (kaleya): "I love the idea that I can create anything that I can imagine and bring it to life"

"I cannot imagine a world without artistic expression," says Stacy Avila (kaleya). "It is something that all of us need."

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Tempesta3d: "Art has always been a huge passion for me"

"Art has always been a huge passion for me," says Tempesta3d. "I am not exaggerating when I say that art IS my life."

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Joey AK (blacksedan01)
Joey AK (blacksedan01) "Art is able to take you outside of yourself"

So, I'm trying to discover new artists in the industry and I sent a call-out on Facebook to chat with some new faces. To my surprise, Joey AK answered and told me he's a member of Renderosity. So, please read and discover who (blacksedan01) is.

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Valery Hoeben (Godin):
Valery Hoeben (Godin):"What I love about making art is that it I get in contact with the Beauty of life"

Ah, art. Who doesn't love having the ability to create a portrait, 3D model or painting at your leisure? Whether it's your full-time job or hobby, creating art takes passion and dedicate. I interviewed Valery Hoeben (Godin) about her passion for art.

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Sander Osephius (2nd_World)
Sander Osephius (2nd_World) "I love the fact that you're able to create something from scratch"

Chatting with Renderosity vendors such as Sander Osephius (2nd_World) makes my job fun! I love learning how they fell in love with art and what lend them to joining our site. This is a way I get to know the artist personally and understand how they think and feel about art. So, I bring you the back-story of how 2nd_World found Renderosity.

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Mark Olsen (MDO2010):
Mark Olsen (MDO2010): "Art is a way of seeing things in a different and usually less analytical way"

In the Carrara Forum, Renderosity's winner for the Movie Poster Contest was Mark Olsen (MDO2010). We decided to have a chat with him about how he found Renderosity, why he loves art and how art has altered his life.

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Cobra Blade (cobrablade):
Cobra Blade (cobrablade): "I love being able to express myself"

Renderosity hosted a Movie Poster Contest and Renderosity member Cobra Blade (cobrablade) won in the Poser Forum! So, I decided to interview him about what his background consists of.

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Malaika Boyd (Kobaltkween):
Malaika Boyd (Kobaltkween): "Art is a way to communicate indirectly"

When I asked Renderosity vendor/member Malaika Boyd (Kobaltkween) about how she got into art, I could visually see her through the words.

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Tom Mitchell (DreamlandModels):
Tom Mitchell (DreamlandModels): "Art has always been part of my life"

I decided to chat with Renderosity vendor/member Tom Mitchell (Dreamlandmodels) in order to get his take on art.

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Stuart Palmer (BlueTreeStudio):
Stuart Palmer (BlueTreeStudio): "Art means nothing to me but creativity and communication"

To Renderosity vendor Stuart Palmer (BlueTreeStudio), art is life. It's not just a "part of his life," it's his whole being. I love chatting with members who are very passionate about art because I love listening them describe why they fell in love and stayed in love. Just read through this wonderful interview I conducted with Stuart.

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Rob Rushing (Shadownet):
Rob Rushing (Shadownet): "Art is the ability to express yourself in creative ways"

Renderosity vendor Rob Rushing (Shadownet) has a quirky and fun sense of humor even though according to him he's "by nature, more quiet and reserve and basically a loner." When I sent along questions I could tell he has a great personality through his words. I mean, I'm a writer and just reading how others answer questions, I can tell what type of person they are.

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Robert Blanda (Cybertenko):
Robert Blanda (Cybertenko): "Art for me is primarily a way of communication"

Not only is Renderosity vendor/member Robert Blanda (Cybertenko) an artist, he's also a writer. He communicates through both his artwork as well as his writing. He expresses himself both ways and in his homeland--Czech Republic--he has published two fiction novels.

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Jenny Erdmann (Redphantom):
Jenny Erdmann (Redphantom): "Art is a chance to express yourself creatively"

When we hosted the Poser Caption Contest, Redphantom was chosen as the winner. So, I decided to interview her about her artist background.

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Naomi King (-dragonfly3d-)
Naomi King (-dragonfly3d-) "Art is personal"

Art has changed Renderosity vendor Naomi King's (-dragonfly3d-) life for the good.

"I would say [art has taught me to be] more relaxed," says Naomi. "I love to slip into a world where I can make whatever I want to happen happen."

I wanted to know some more information about what led her to Renderosity, so I asked...

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Brandy Everett (-Brandye-):
Brandy Everett (-Brandye-): "Art is what makes the world special"

For Renderosity member Brandy Everett (-BrandyE-), art is an escape. Read about how she found Renderosity, fell in love with art and some other things you may not know about her.

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Steven van der Linden (svdl):
Steven van der Linden (svdl): "Without creativity there can be no art"

I love asking Renderosity members how they found out about our site. You'd be surprised at the responses I receive. This time I interviewed Renderosity member svdl. So, for your enjoyment, please read how he got started with 3D art.

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