Sarah Lynn's Long Road To Becoming An Artist

Staff Writer By: Hope Kumor (hopeandlove)

Sarah Lynn's Long Road To Becoming An Artist | sarah lynn, art, artist, love, passion, zest

Sarah Lynn -- who has is a BA in Commercial Illustration -- is well aware that life as an artist can be a bit, let's say, unpredictable at times, but that doesn't mean you give up!

"To know that the road is bumpy, yes, but that the fruits of the effort put into a career like mine is worth every bump tackled," says Sarah. "Art is what I live for, and I hope that I help push even one person to pursue their dreams in the process of reaching for my own. This is why I am, and always will be an artist."

Sarah is a freelance Illustrator and graphic artist. She knows she's still getting her feet wet, considering she just graduated a little over a year.

"So far, in my fairly short career, I have not only worked with large named music labels on various exciting projects, but I slowly but surely have that childhood dream cartoon series I'm working on for another large-scale production," says Sarah.

She is well-aware about how long it takes for dreams to come true. But, to me, she seems like the type of girl who would never give up!

"The road I walked to becoming an artist is a long and winding one, full of twists and turns through thick and thin. I first found my drive for art when I was very young, always telling my parents about how I wanted to make cartoons like the ones I was so lovingly attached to," says Sarah. "I would always get in trouble in school for doodling on every assignment sheet, or for telling grand imaginative stories to my peers, when we were supposed to be silently reading our books."

But, many people may not know the true definition of art. And, Sarah explains it so well in just a few words.

"I still to this day believe art is defined as any expression that leads to evoking an emotion from those who view what is created," says Sarah. "A much broader definition than just putting pencil to paper to make something pretty."

When it came down to being an artist, Sarah pushed away self-doubt, anxiety and depression and grew better with her craft. She got out of her comfort zone and it made her choice to being an artist that much easier.

"My passion for what I create is stemmed from wanting to share my views with the world, that creativity is a real profession, and that it's absolutely possible to be an artist in today's society more than ever!" says Sarah.

To find out more about Sarah Lynn, please visit her website here.