Nano Gnomes by Dashiell Johnson

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Nano Gnomes by Dashiell Johnson | Dashiell Johnson, Digital art, drawing, Surrealism

Nano Gnomes by Dashiell Johnson

Dashiell describes himself as an "Actor, Illustrator, Audio/Visual Fx, Writer, and Director at Mad Artist, Mad Scientist Assistant at "Night Terrors Haunted House" and Doing Art stuff at Artist" (from his FB page). I discovered this imaginative and talented artist through another artist friend - m Dot Strange and have been following his filmmaking and art works avidly.

Nano Gnomes is a piece Dashiell created as an album cover for a group he doesn't specify, but I can imagine the kind of moody and passionate music they must play just by focusing on the surreal and horrific imagery in the piece. I love how the image takes you to so many strange places: in the inner ear, a city scene, elves underground, faces like those on a Norse burial tomb. The choice of black and white is an interesting one as it makes the images stand out, but still blend together well as one single image.

There's something ominous about Nano Gnomes; you get the feeling you are watching a process or some sort of ritual that you aren't supposed to know about. You can almost hear sound coming out of the image. The drawing detailed, but not so much that one section brings too much attention. The image is all of one piece which gives it more power.

Dashiell Johnson has done some great work in a variety of forms. Drawing is just one of the ways he expresses himself. You should also check out some of his films and music. His Facebook page is a good place to start, but his deviant art portfolio is also quite impressive (and strange).