MP3 Player by LoneGunman

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

MP3 Player by LoneGunman | Featured Image, LoneGunman, 3D artist

MP3 Player by LoneGunman

LoneGunman is an excellent name for an 3D artist. It implies singularity, a knowledge of history and just a bit of an outsider. After all, the "lone gunman" theory is what the Warren Commission came up with in their report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Here, I think it's being used ironically, hence the outsider implication.

I mention this by way of introducing Renderosity Magazine readers to a superb artist who I recently discovered while creating the Gallery of the Week series at The high quality and attention to detail of LoneGunman's work is obvious, but there is also a remarkable sense of story in all of his work. I chose MP3 Player (his most recent piece as of March 30, 2016), because it combines both excellent craft and a frame for a story. The story being, "Who owns this mp3 player? Why is it so beat up?" and on and on. This kind of presentation is so much more powerful than simply showing a render from your 3D application. It's also a lot smarter.

MP3 Player was "Modeled in Silo2 , textured in Substance Painter, rendered in Carrara 8.5 and post work done in Fusion", according to LoneGunman's comments on the image at The model is obviously gorgeous, especially in the texturing. Combining a variety of applications to create the very best look of a model is smart. And a quick look at LoneGunman's gallery shows his very smart indeed. I could have easily chosen a dozen other art works in his gallery for the featured image selection here at Renderosity Magazine.

I urge you to visit LoneGunman's gallery and discover the many great art works he's created. It is my hope to profile this very talented artist at some point in the future.