Medieval Knight by Lamuserie

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Medieval Knight	by Lamuserie | featured images, digital artist, lamuserie

Medieval Knight by Lamuserie

Lamuserie is a remarkably skilled 3D artist. Five minutes in this artist's gallery at will wow you..literally. I was much taken by this artists Medieval Knight, however. I think it's the totality of the composition and the figure that just catches my imagination. Also, the clarity of the image and depth of field is just so great. You feel like you are there. The detail and wear on the armour and clothing is amazing. And the casual pose (leaning on one hip) is deceptive.

Like many of the images we've selected here at Renderosity Magazine, this one tells a story and leads the viewer to imagine more than what the image reveals. Lamuserie is a master at creating this kind of image.

Be sure to visit this highly skilled artists gallery at Renderosity.