Maxon Computer: Our Core Partners Pro Member

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Maxon Computer: Renderosity Magazine's Core Partners Pro Member from Renderosity Magazine on Vimeo.

Maxon Computer: Renderosity Magazine's Core Partners Pro Member

Renderosity Magazine has a select group of CG companies who we call our "Core Partners" because we believe in their goals and products. We also have a Pro membership where the company gets our "full court press" efforts to promote, review and discuss their products. You can view our Core Partners list here

We are very proud to welcome Maxon Computer as our first Core Partners Pro member. This short animated introduction to Maxon is our way of bringing attention to this excellent computer graphics company.

Maxon sells products like Cinema 4D, BodyPaint and Cineware; all top-flight applications that are widely used in everything from Hollywood films and TV to medical, architecture and motion graphics.

Be sure to visit for more information and stay tuned to for the most up to date info on Maxon including reviews, articles, interviews, profiles and tutorials.

Thanks to Maxon and Paul Babb for joining the Renderosity Magazine Core Partners Pro team!