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LAS VEGAS, NAB 2017- Booth SL #6324 - MAXON, the industry-leading developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, is pleased to announce exhibitor participation at the 2017 NAB Show®, "...the world's largest convention encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology," taking place April 24 - 27, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Sessions at Maxon's booth (see schedule below) will stream live at:

MAXON at NAB 2017 Exhibitor Highlights

MAXON presence at NAB this year affords numerous opportunities for members of the press and attendees to learn about the unparalleled solutions Cinema 4D, its powerful and easily accessible 3D software technology, provides content creation professionals in mastering today's digital production challenges for broadcast, filmmaking, games, architecture, advertising and design, as follows:

MAXON Press Luncheon
MAXON is hosting its ninth annual "First Day of NAB" press luncheon and briefing on Monday, April 24th. Paul Babb, president/CEO, MAXON US, will provide company updates and news regarding the latest offerings in the Cinema 4D product line up. Babb will be joined by top 3D guest artists - John LePore (Perception), Russ Gautier (Perception), Robyn Haddow and Lorcan O'Shanahan - on hand to showcase groundbreaking Fictional User Interface (FUI), Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Heads-Up Display (HUD) motion graphics and 3D content for major film, television and real-world digital interfaces. [Note: This is an invitation-only event. Members of the press interested in attending, please contact Vicky Gray-Clark,, indicating name and media outlet for consideration.]

MAXON Main Stage Presentations and Guest Speakers
At the exhibitor booth (# SL 6324), MAXON representatives will demonstrate the creative advantages of Cinema 4D Release 18 (R18), the latest version of the software..

MAXON is also pleased to debut the "Perception Guide to FUI", a comprehensive tutorial series designed to help CG artists learn the technical aspects of creating futuristic motion graphics imagery. Introduced earlier this month on MAXON's Cineversity training and resource site, series creators John LePore, chief creative at Perception, and Russ Gaultier, art director at Perception, will host presentations discussing their front-line experience using the robust animation tools in Cinema 4D to design iconic user experiences for blockbuster feature films (The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), and digital concept and product design for some of the biggest names in technology (Microsoft Hololens, Samsung, SpaceX).

Daily technical presentations on the MAXON main stage from leading 3D professionals at VFX, design and animation studios responsible for creating innovative content for today's most popular feature films, television shows and commercials, video games, visualization and interactive media projects, will spotlight trends in the ever-evolving media landscape and show how they applied the latest tools in Cinema 4D to solve real-world creative challenges.

Among this year's guest artist presenters include:

  • Nick Campbell - online phenom, founder and president at Greyscalegorilla - the acclaimed motion design community site for tools, content, training and tutorials - will demo a range of his favorite techniques and tips for working fast and speeding up everyday workflow in Cinema 4D.
  • Chad Ashley - creative director and CG supervisor at Greyscalegorilla, will reveal time and sanity saving production techniques using the latest features in Cinema 4D to simplify complex scenes and set up workflows to create bulletproof production assets.
  • Chris Schmidt - 3D artist, educator and developer of Cinema 4D tools and tutorials at Greyscalegorilla, will present tips and tricks and less familiar features of Cinema 4D including ways to quickly clean up points and polygons, drive clones with Effectors after dynamics, and more.
  • EJ Hassenfratz - Emmy Award-winning creative director at Eyedesyn and sought after Cinema 4D tutorial instructor will show the benefits of Cinema 4D in a 2D workflow covering techniques and tools including the Sketch & Toon module, IK tools, Deformers and After Effects integration.
  • Barton Damer - the multi-award winning owner/founding artist/creative director at Already Been Chewed (ABC) design and 3D motion graphics studio, will show Cinema 4D techniques used on recent activation projects for Nike including the motion graphics designed for store fronts as part of the Equality Campaign launched during Black History Month and the Vans 50th Anniversary campaign for the Era shoe.
  • Robyn Haddow - a freelance FUI designer for film and television will breakdown concepts that show a symbiotic 2D/3D workflow using Cinema 4D's powerful shaders and procedural workflow and translation of 3D data into After Effects.
  • Julia Siemón - School of Visual Arts instructor and director will show elements from her short film showcasing the use of Cinema 4D character tools, Voronoi Fracture, Spline Morph and the Take system.
  • Al Heck - with RenderReady production studio, will highlight motion graphics work created for major corporate projects from initial concept, boards, animations, post and delivery using Cinema 4D's ProjectionMan, BodyPaint and physical-rendering techniques.
  • Eran Stern - founder of SternFX, motion designer and Adobe expert trainer, will show a variety of techniques to improve and speed-up compositions and rendering while highlighting the tight integration between Cinema 4D and After Effects.
  • Andy Needham - London-based motion designer will breakdown a unique projection mapping presentation for the Sacramento Kings with an emphasis on the motion tracker workflow in Cinema 4D and how to add VFX to motion design projects.
  • Patrick Longstreth - visual effects supervisor, demonstrates how his team combined motion graphics, animation and over 1500 VFX shots with live-action for the TV sketch comedy series "Adam Ruins Everything" on truTV.
  • Dave Koss - with Nexus Motion design studio and co-founder of the Brograph Motion Graphics site, will demonstrate project organization and other time-saving shortcuts and techniques in Cinema 4D used for managing a large-scale project that included displacement landscapes, Xpresso and instancing for an Emmy-nominated, animated holiday card campaign.
  • Matt Milstead - with Nexus Motion, and co-founder of the duo, will be breaking down the process his team used to create a Pokémon version of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for The Rock's YouTube page and how he used camera tracking data and the sculpting tools in Cinema 4D to create anamorphic video titles for
  • Devon Ko - will provide a beginner-friendly introduction to 3D for illustrators and designers that will explore form, composition, and repetition quickly and easily in 3D space without the need for budget-breaking hardware or 3D renderers.

All artist presentations will stream live during NAB and be archived after the show. Full details on guest artist presenters and streaming schedules is currently available at

MAXON Booth Hours
The MAXON booth #SL 6324 will be open during 2017 NAB Show exhibit hours, as follows:
Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Show Hours
Monday, April 18th 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday, April 19th 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Wednesday, April 20th 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Thursday, April 21th 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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