MAXON Announces Availability of Cinema 4D Release 18

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MAXON Announces Availability of Cinema 4D Release 18 | Maxon, Cinema 4D, 3D application

Maxon is happy to announce the immediate availability of Cinema 4D R18. This new version of our award-winning 3D software offers powerful and flexible functions that greatly improve complex 3D workflows for all creatives. Some of the outstanding new features are:

  • The completely new Voronoi Fracturing that makes it possible to break any type of object into procedural parts - while maintaining full control of all fractured pieces
  • Interactive knife tools that can even be used to cut across multiple objects at once
  • New Object Tracking feature for seamless integration of 3D assets into live footage
  • Numerous MoGraph additions - including the ReEffector, which works like a layer system for Effectors
  • New shaders and surface effects such as the new Thinfilm shader
  • Substance Engine integration for applying procedural materials directly in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D R18 is available at your authorized MAXON reseller or in our online shop.

You want more detailed information in advance? Then visit our R18 website for more information about the most important new tools and features. In addition, this free demo version can also be downloaded.

Numerous 3D professionals have already thoroughly tested the new Release and have summarized their hands-on experience in a series of screencasts:

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