Lisa Eisenga : Art is My Life

Staff Writer By: Hope Kumor (hopeandlove)

Lisa Eisenga : Art is My Life | Art by Lisa Eisenga, interview, chat, chit chat

"Art is my soul. I can't not create art," says Lisa Eisenga. "It's simply part of who I am."

Lisa was born into a family of musicians and artists, so art was engraved into her even before she knew it. She parents would often encourage her to be creative and express herself.

"My grandfather was a landscape painter, and I remember sitting with him watching him paint with Bob Ross in the background. It was through him that I learned that true art has a soul," says Lisa. "My Aunt was a modernist painter and illustrator, and she showed me new ways of looking at art entirely, ultimately laying the foundation for much of my surreal work later on."

She attended Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids and then went onto Watkins College of Art & Design and majored in Interior Design. But, no matter what, something always brought her back to art.

"It was there that I started live painting and showing in local galleries and coffee shops, met a lot of really incredible people who inspired and encouraged me as an artist, and changed my world forever," says Lisa.

What she loves most about art is the ability to express a thought or story in a unique way as well as "engaging in a strange dialog with viewers."

To her, "art is life. It's how I interpret my perception of the act of expression and an attempt to communicate."

Be sure to check out Lisa's Facebook page here as well as her website here.