Learn About Maurice Graham's "Atlantis"

Staff Writer By: Hope Kumor (hopeandlove)

Learn About Maurice Graham's "Atlantis" | maurice, advertising, legacy

Maurice Graham aka osiris9 was born and raised in New Zealand.

"I've been doing digital art since 1990s, in the early days of digital art. The first program I got ahold of was Bryce 2, back then it was the most amazing program I had ever used for artwork," says Maurice. "I've been an artist since I was a little kid painting drawing, sculpting anything really, but since the most earliest times I can remember I've always been into sci-fi and ancient cultures with lots of fascinations with tech thrown in as well."

He says that, "as well as being a visual artist I have been a bone carver since I was a teenager, carving both traditional New Zealand Maori and contemporary jewelry. Now, I'm living in Adelaide South Australia with my gorgeous wife and two beautiful step children."

Mostly, I wanted to know about his book and so, I asked him to tell me more about it.

My book is called Atlantis, "the world before" Its about the way I imagine this world was before a great cataclysmic flood threw the world back into the stone age and we had to begin again. I wanted to show the time of Atlantis in a more global technical style than the normal Utopian view its normally seen as.

Also with my belief in ancient aliens, I wanted to give a sense that for some time now we have been shepherded by beings that have been in the past, seen as not just Gods but beings that have interfered in the makeup of humanity, by giving technology and mixing their ways with ours. Much of how I see Atlantis is as a global civilization not just a country that is hundreds of years ahead of were we are now. Even though most of how I portray Atlantis in the book is science fiction I do believe there is a science fact to the core of the story.

I then asked about what inspired him to write this book.

The inspiration that I got for writing this book comes partly from the fascination I have for both for science fiction and ancient cultures, you could say I've been into ancient aliens and Atlantis since I was a little kid. I've always admired other artists and writers to be able to do things with their art, and to be able share their stories with the public. I put a lot of my dreams I have in my artwork, many of those dreams seem to be like a story unfolding but never ending and have woken my wife up numerous times telling her about my dreams and her pushing, kicking me up the bum for me to do more hard yaka with my artwork.

Because a lot of my artwork is from my dreams, after some time the different pieces of art started to fit together and looked like they formed a story so to me I felt like I needed to tell that story in a way that you could read it through my artwork. Because of the time scale of the story I wanted to tell I've tried to put so much in the book but didn't want to complicate the story so I decided to leave some of the other things till the next book, doing this one has inspired me to do others along similar paths.