Kate Cramer : Staying In Love With Art - No Matter What

Staff Writer By: Hope Kumor (hopeandlove)

Kate Cramer : Staying In Love With Art - No Matter What | kate cramer, art, love, artist, degree

You know some people who can recall a certain moment in time where they fell in love with art? Unfortunately, Kate Cramer is unable to recollect when this happened, but that doesn't make her any less of an artist!

"Honestly, I don't really remember as far back as I can recall. It's just been something I've always done," says Kate. "I do know that even as a toddler I was captivated by the little details of the world."

Kate- who was married at 18- stuck out her career in art because of her grandpa Errol and grandma Helen.

"My grandpa Errol saw the effect art had on me and my unwavering draw to it and made me promise to never give it up. But, it wasn't just him, my grandma Helen once I became an adult told me she refused to die until she'sd seen me succeed with my art," said Kate. "She's the only grandparent I have left and she's financial supported every attempt I've made no matter how hard I've crashed and burned. I love and respect them both so much I couldn't possibly let them down."

Kate received a creative writing scholarship, but didn't pursue it.

"Instead, I went to a private art university in Oakland CA where I was going to get into glass but I became pregnant and they wouldn't allow it," says Kate. "So, I became mixed up in graffiti then ended up in a community college drawing, painting and doing photography."

Unfortunately, the Private art university didn't allow her to pursue a degree because she became pregnant.

"I was really disappointed at the time because I had my heart set on learning to work with glass," said Kate. "It did however down the road prove to be to my benefit because I took photography in its place along side my fine arts classes of painting and figure drawing and I always loved photography."

Even though she wasn't able to what she was set it out to do, she still followed through with a career in art.

"I started out drawing portraits then painting but I also do wood burnings make authentic dreamcatchers from willow and carved bone and other natural materials," says Kate. "I've been into art since I was a kid and a day doesn't go by that I don't create no matter how busy."

She has continued to fall in love with art - day by day. As a final note, I asked her to list to things she loves about art.

1) The fact that it can say things that words can't.
2) The freedom, it's like a magic carpet it can take you anywhere you want to go, anywhere you can imagine...like a living dream.
3) It's effect on others: of wonder, awe, new perspective, emotion, a former of spirituality without religion.
4) For me personally it's a former of meditation, it clears my mind and centers my focus.

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