Inside look at Unity scenario testing

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Inside look at Unity scenario testing | Unity, Core Partners, SketchFab, Akeytsu

Unity released version 2017.2 in October and has been in QA testing since, according to a Unity blog post by Anastasia Smirnova.

The team at Unity has worked on different scenarios by creating projects as an independent user or game studio would.

"We decided to split areas of coverage down to a more granular view, and ended up with a list of features and areas with 86 items. The most covered areas were Services (Unity Teams), UI, Input, and Troubleshooter," Smirnova wrote.

During the week-long testing event, Unity used 93 members in 11 offices around the world to troubleshoot the new version using 16 scenarios.

"Some of them were a continuation of existing projects from previous times, and some were absolutely new and built from scratch," Smirnova wrote.

The testing reveled 130 bugs, mostly in the Editor, VR and Timeline areas.

Take a look at Unity's scenario testing and sample projects they made.


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