I Bring You the Moon by Doriano

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

I Bring You the Moon by Doriano | Featured IMages, digital art, artists, mixed medium

I Bring To You The Moon by doriano

doriano's beautiful and mysterious, I Bring You the Moon, is an artwork I came across while working on the Renderosity Gallery of the Week in the Mixed Medium Gallery (one of my favorites). His work is so striking and passionate, it's hard to take your eyes away.

Here's what doriano has to say about himself in his Renderosity bio:

Music and Art are my life...BIOI have began with Graphic Painting till young...I have done also Art Expos, but the really turn to digital Art happened when I succeed to became Videogames Software Manager for Atari Corp here in Italy. I collaborated in making some important Videogames :for example (The Arc of Captain Blood) with French Infogames. Was natural interesting of Computer Graphic that become also a work when I left Atari for a Musical International Distribution where I have worked some years. I work with several Graphic Programs and particoularly love Fractals (I used much Aphopysys and now I have passed to Mandelbulb 3D) often mixing my fractals with Vue and Poser 7 mixed media compositions.

My main argument is Space and Sci-Fi. I hope you can enjoy my Art Gallery here on Renderosity.

You can visit also my WebSite : www.dorianoart.altervista.org

In addition to his excellent mixed media work, like I Give You the Moon, doriano has amazing skills with fractal creation. I urge you to visit his gallery and his website to see more.