"Hung up to Dry"

Staff Writer By: Hope Kumor (hopeandlove)

"Hung up to Dry" | image of the day, image, renderosity member, hung up

I thought the image labeled "Hung up to dry" by Renderosity member EJD64 was quite interesting, so I decided to reach out so he could explain it.

We took a trip to Italy in September as I always wanted to see the Vatican. We spent 15 days touring Italy with a tour group of 34 persons, plus our Tour Guide. Venice was the first stop. We stayed in Lido di Venezia or Venice Lido is a Province of Venice. It was the day after our arrival and we were taking a water taxi to Venice for our first structured tour day. We were standing on the dock by the taxi terminal and I saw these jackets hanging there. I did not see a sign indicating the artist's name or what he called the display. I had my camera out and took several shots of the jackets from different angles.

The one I posted on the web site was the one I liked the most. I cropped out one person so as not to distract from the photo. To me the jackets represent uniformity and structure. It's like putting people in cubby holes, all nice and neat. I took over 1200 photos during our trip and put together a book of 102 shots that I felt represented the trip and all the areas we visited.