Howler 11.1 is Out With Many New Features!

Staff Writer By: Project DogWaffle News

Howler 11.1 is Out With Many New Features! | Howler, 3D landscapes, Digital Painting

Howler 11.1 "summer Splash" is here. This 3D paint and landscape creation tool is a fun and easy way to create 3D content fast. There is special pricing for the "Summer Splash", too. Be sure to learn about all of the new additions at:

New Features Include:

  • Numeric entry throughout the program
  • Improved image scaling and crop tool
  • Improved curve and rotoscope tools
  • Enhanced timeline and font panel
  • New watercolor medias. Delete media, and save particle media from the media browser
  • New default color picker, and color picker from Particle 9 added
  • New GUI knob styles, color settings and new system rendering options

Check this link for a free demo and to see examples of the things you can create with Howler 11.1: