HiveWire 3D's ark lands at Renderosity

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HiveWire 3D's ark lands at Renderosity | Renderosity, HiveWire 3D, animals, 3D modeling, 3D assets

Fans of HiveWire 3D's animal collection now have a new venue that will help stock their digital zoos.

Starting Sept. 5 with its cat collection, HiveWire 3D started selling at Renderosity, said Jennifer Blake, Renderosity marketplace manager.

"We are very excited to offer HiveWire 3D creators a way to connect with our community. We are also excited for the community to have access to these great assets," Blake said.

HiveWire 3D President Christopher Creek was equally excited about offering HiveWire 3D's animals to another audience.

"First, we're grateful to Jenn Blake for her inviting HiveWire 3D to publish our content with Renderosity. We will continue to publish at HiveWire also, but Jenn has opened up the ability for us to publish our animals at Rendo on a non-exclusive basis," Creek said.

Blake said she wanted to reach out to Creek and his business partner Lisa Buckalew to offer even more choices to the Renderosity community.

"And to show everyone that we don't have to be competitors, but that we can be collaborators too," she said.

Buckalew agreed, saying HiveWire 3D is about five guiding principles, called "the 5 Cs:" Create, Commit, Communicate, Collaborate and Care.

"Offering our animals for sale in partnership with Renderosity covers all five principles," Buckalew said.

She explained the Cs are all equal but to Collaborate will help the industry as a whole.

"We see this partnership as a way to gain more exposure for our products, which is not only a benefit to HiveWire 3D but to all who support the content we create," Buckalew said.

"Our Collaboration with Renderosity is an example of how our commitment, combined with clear and open communication, has created a new opportunity for everyone involved," she said. "Our HiveWire Animals will be presented to a different group of people than they have been previously."

About the animals

On Tuesday, HiveWire 3D's cats made their first appearance at Renderosity, but they will soon be followed by much more.

"Our goal is to make available all of our original animals at Rendo and at HiveWire," Creek said. "This would apply to our current animals and those in the future as well."

The first release on Sept. 5 included HiveWire 3D's Big Cat, Cougar, Cub, House Cat and Kitten, along with a few textures for each. The animals will still be available at HiveWire

"We will follow this up with our Horse, and accompanying breed products. Laurie Prindle of CWRW will be providing some of her additive products through the Rendo channels as well. We have many, many animal products in the works and we look forward to those hitting the Rendo store also."

The Renderosity community will be pleased with Hivewire3D's ark of animals, Creek said, adding their quality will speak for themselves.

Compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio, the animals are as anatomically correct as possible.

"We work tirelessly to assure that our animals look correct, and have the visible surface anatomy to be convincing," Creek said.

They model in the surface skeleton, muscles and even tendons for a believable and realistic base model.

"We also do our best to make sure the topology or mesh layout of each animal is efficient, clean, flows well, and is created with a myriad of morphing capabilities in mind. Our meshes are made to support many shapes," Creek said.

"Our animals also have added expressions, and head and body shaping options to create believable and creative morph combinations."

The attention to detail extends to the rigging, which allows for a convincing range of motion for posing each animal.

"With smart weight mapping, combined limits, range of motion, and joint controlled morphs, a very realistic bending of body joints can be achieved," Creek said.

HiveWire 3D creates each animal to be the best it can be and more, he said.

"For example, our Horse base is also used as the same mesh for our Mule Deer family, Cow, Spanish Bull, Big Horn Sheep, and even a Warthog. And our Big Cat mesh is used for all our planned Big Cats, our House Cats, Dog meshes, and even our Dragon. So yes, even textures can be shared across animals that share the same base. And all of these can be seen in our Work In Progress forum threads," Creek said.

Blake said she can't wait to see what animals come next. Find them all on or

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