Headline by gadu

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Headline by gadu | featured images, 3d art, digital artist

Headline by gadu

gadu has been a renderosity member for nearly 10 years now. His remarkable 3D models and scenes have graced the 3DS Max gallery year after year. All of his work is imaginative and of very high quality.

What is particularly impressive about Headline is the composition and the careful attention to detail. The cigarette pack and the magazines are so well done and add such a sense of verisimilitude to the whole scene. There is also a subtle hint of a life story behind the scene with the woman's picture and magazines. One wonders who this person is and how she fared in the turbulent time period (1940s?) she lived in.

There are dozens of works like these in gadu's gallery which I recommend you visit to learn more about this talented and imaginative artist.