Going Home by barryjeffer

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Going Home by barryjeffer  | gothic, barryjeffers, renderosity, digital artist

Going Home by barryjeffer

Barryjeffer is an absolute master of mood and light. Any number of images from his wonderful gallery will prove this assertion. I discovered his work during a recent Gallery of the Week video where I chose the Gothic genre as my theme. His work stood out because it was so simple and yet very powerful. The images he creates are like magnets that draw you in to the world he is creating.

Going Home, in particular, caught my eye as I was choosing images for the Gothic genre gallery. Barryjeffer mentions that he took a stock photo from deviantart and then used Photoshop to manipulate it into an amazing, gothic/surreal portrait of a woman yearning...for what? It's that ambiguity that barryjeffer so beautifully captures that make his work so captivating.

Visit barryjeffer's gallery at Renderosity.com for more remarkable images and to learn more about this imaginative artist