Getting to Know New Staff Writer : Lisa Smith

Staff Writer By: Hope Kumor (hopeandlove)

Getting to Know New Staff Writer : Lisa Smith | lisa smith, love, writer, passionate

At Renderosity Magazine, we're always looking for guest bloggers/writers. We just added another staff writer, Lisa Smith. Please welcome her and read more about this fabulous woman!

"I'm a Day Dreamer, passionate about writing and want to fly free with no kind of bonds," says Lisa.

Lisa has been writing since childhood, but it's not just writing to her, it's something she's very passionate about.

"Now, I write for top blogs like Elite daily, Huffington Post, lifehack and good men project," says Lisa.

She wanted to become a writer because, "I just want my thoughts to reach everyone." And, this could be a reason why so many others love to write. Writing allows you to express your feelings, emotions and thoughts through language. It's possible your words could help someone feeling lonely or distraught and that's why Lisa writes.

Here are a few things you didn't know about Lisa:

  • I like to Volunteer at Animal Shelters.
  • I dislike those who Hate Animals.
  • I always prefer eating food which I prepare at Home.
  • I do Freelancing for my Living.
  • I have a sister.

Read more of her writing here.