Getting to Know: Hope Kumor

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Getting to Know: Hope Kumor | Hope Kumor, Renderosity Magazine, editor in chief, freelance writer,

Renderosity: You've been the supervising editor at Renderosity Magazine for over a year now, what has the experience been like for you?

Hope: Well, I've always wanted to become an editor-in-chief for a magazine, so it's been a great ride and so much fun! It's been awesome being able to solely focus on the magazine the last few months though. I get to work with a group of excellent writers and nice people in general, which makes it that much better.

Renderosity: tell us a little about your background in writing and editing

Hope: Other than Renderosity Magazine, I'm a freelance writer for YourTango, Puckermob, HuffPost, Mogul, Elite Daily as well as my blog Mylifeasa20somethingyearold. Therefore, I'm so all over the place and focus on lifetsyles, health/fitness, relationships and digital art. It's boring just writing for one magazine and focusing on one topic.

Renderosity: what kind of art and artists interest you?

Hope: I'm a huge fan of photography! If I could get a nice camera, I would and take a bunch of professional photos. I love capturing sunsets, sunrises and everything pretty with my phone camera, so I can only imagine how it would come out if I had a real camera! Also, whenever my fiance and I go on a trip, I'm always the one to take photos. I'm usually obsessed with capturing the moment as well as getting the perfect scenery. I love photography because there's so much symbolism behind a photo. It's about sharing and making memories and that's what I love most about photography!

Hope Kumor and fiance, Brett.

Renderosity: what do you do when you want to have fun?

Hope: I'm really interested in working out, reading magazines, writing and recently, doing DIY projects for my wedding in November. It's fun to focus on a craft for hours and forgetting about the world after you.

Renderosity: where do you want the magazine to go in the coming year?

Hope: I would love the magazine to get so big that we have the funds to have an office with staff writers. I'd keep the remote writers of course, but to work with people in person, would be fantastic! I want it to grow into something more than just a part-time job. I want it to become a full-time job for me and whomever would like to accompany me! I'm going to try to make that happen, but I know it will take time and won't always be easy.

Bottom line is, I just want to be happy doing something I love with the person I love the most, my soon-to-be husband, Brett.

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