Fly on the Wall by Ozylot

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Fly on the Wall by Ozylot | Maya, digital art, Ozylot, Featured Image

Fly on the Wall by Ozylot

The Maya gallery at Renderosity is filled with high-quality works. So much so that it's hard to choose an image to feature here at Renderosity Magazine. However, when I came across Ozylot's Fly on the Wall there was no question that this image had to be featured here.

Fly on the Wall simple pops out of the frame. Color is one reason the image is so lively. Another is the idea behind the image: a mechanized fly on a wood table. Is the robo-fly spying perhaps? The image reminds me of scenes from Philip K. Dick novels which feature drone-insects as advertising vehicles.

The construction of the model is absolutely wonderful: so detailed, but not so much that we don't miss the overall look of the fly. Rendering of the wood material on the table-top is first rate. I'm also partial to the depth of field used in creating the render. There is some debate in the comments on Fly on the Wall (...the image loses detail, etc.), but I like it a lot. The model is already so detailed in the render, I don't see how adding DOF detracts from the image at all. It actually enhances the focus on the model, creating a circular area of interest that draws you right into it.

This is a smoking Maya model and render. Highly recommend you check out Ozylot's gallery at for more of this excellent artists work. He also has a good personal website with works in progress. Check it out here.

P.S: Maya, created by Autodesk, has a great learning edition available for trial. If you want to learn how to create great images like Fly on the Wall, Maya is the application for you. AND Renderosity has a cool Maya forum you can learn from as well.