"Fishing Early" by Renderosity member TomDart

Staff Writer By: Hope Kumor (hopeandlove)

"Fishing Early"  by Renderosity member TomDart | fishing, early, image, photo, photography, photographer

When I saw the image titled, 'Fishing early,' I knew I needed to hear more. Do you know why? Well...my fiance loves to go fishing and I actually don't mind it either, so I've gone with him from time-to-time. Therefore, I wanted to hear this fishermen's captured this image.

I will tell what was happening with me at the time...I will not try to put more symbolism or depth into the photo that I believe is actual at the time. If more depth is wanted, some critic may do that and surprise me with what I meant at the time.

As a story behind it all, this is shot at a small park and fishing pier on a lake I pass on the short drive to the next city. I find much joy in the lake view and have seen it in all sorts of weather. Fog rolling in in the evenings is one of my favorite times, watching the lake overtaken by the mist and noticing the change in mood to a peaceful surreal view. For those who allow imagination to mingle with the mood, we go from an expanse to focus on things close by whether wildfowl or people. I knew what the fog was going to do as it rose up the bank and ac and overross the shore line up on the pier. I felt the temperature cool draatically as the mist surrounded me. This time I was fortunate because lighting worked well for a mood to capture in the photo, even if only suitable for a few seconds.

AS fog came in, there was(and is) isolation and a comfortable loneliness. I enjoy that situation and was therefore inspired to take the image.

I see people of which I am a part, separate yet joined in this fog and peace together. That is why I decided and it was a scene and challenge to capture. I tried and fortunately was successful.

This is different world within the ordinary, changed completely by rolling mist and its ability to hide deep view. Hiding and seeing that which is hidden in full sight...but for the fog.