Enter the Gate by artbunnycreations

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Enter the Gate by artbunnycreations | Featured Image, artbunnycreations, Carrara

Enter the Gate by artbunnycreations

Enter the Gate is one of my favorite images from the Carrara gallery. artbunnycreations has done a masterful job of creating this image. It could easily adorn the cover of a more sophisticated romance novel, but it's better than most of the work being done for book covers. There's such a wonderful sense of depth to the scene. And, as usually in most of my featured image picks, there's a very enticing story being told in Enter the Gate.

The scene is framed beautifully (be sure to click this link for the larger size image to get the full framing). The woman (beautiful clothing) is looking back over her shoulder as if she's being pursued or is nervous about where she is going. I love how the foliage frames her figure and sets of the colors of her dress. And talking about color: what an impressive palette! The warm colors contrasting with the cool one. The light mist just past the gate adds a sense of mystery to her destination.

Enter the Gate is an excellent work of digital art. It's thoughtful, moody and full of color: a work by an artist who has mastered their medium. Wonderful.

Please visit artbunnycreation's gallery and discover the many great art works this talented artist has created. It is my hope to profile this artist at some point in the future.