Eliza V4 by Tempesta3d

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Eliza V4 by Tempesta3d | vendor of the month, tempesta3d, digital art, 3d rendering


Eliza V4 by Tempesta3d

I'm so impressed with Tempesta3d's artworks. As a vendor at Renderosity, she specializes in female models and accoutremont. Her particular gift is the ability to pose and render her characters. Skin tone and texturing is simply masterful in Eliza V4, my favorite of her current works. The fact that the characters eyes are closed and you can just make out the veins under the eyelids is a detail that is truly unique among artists I've featured here. Her rendering of hair is another aspect of her work that is impressive. Eliza V4 is so alive that you almost expect her to open her eyes and smile at you.

You must see more of this incredibly talented artist. Check out the link to her store at Renderosity.com