Damara for PDesign by ironman13

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Damara for PDesign by ironman13 | ironman13, digital art, Vendor of the Month,

Damara for PDesign by ironman13

Ironman13 is a recent winner of Renderosity's Vendor of the Month. His digital works offered for sale in his store are very different from the work he shares in his gallery. Different in the sense that the gallery works are more imaginative and playful than his commercial work. So as I was browsing through ironman13's gallery, I came across Damar for PDesign. This whimsical character reminds me very much of a Tim Burton movie character: all sweet and charming, but with a sharp edge.

Damara for PDesign is not a recent work of ironman13's (it was created in 2011), but it has such a great energy and appeal I had to include it in our Featured Images section.

I love the colors and how they compliment and contrast each other. The background is perfectly suited to the subject. But I think what is most compelling in Damara for PDesign is the eyes. Those round, anime-style eyes in a side-long glance are wonderful. Of course, the bit of blood (?) around the lips give the character an eerie Lolita look.

Damara for PDesign is a wonderful image one that just gets better the more you look at it.

Be sure to visit ironman13's Renderosity Gallery as it's filled with wonderful, evocative work. And be sure to watch the Vendor of the Month video which features 12 of ironman13's pieces all chosen by himself.