Core Update: 3ds Max renderer combines CPU, GPU power

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Core Update: 3ds Max renderer combines CPU, GPU power | Lenovo, Adobe, cebas, 3ds max, Godot, AppUpdates, core partners,

3ds Max renderer combines CPU, GPU power

cebas Visual Technology Inc. announced the much-awaited release of the new finalRender, replacing version 3.5 SE. CG artists from Architecture, Interior, Visualization, Design and 3ds Max Modellers alike are now able to experience the power of unlimited network rendering by simply adding this option for the same cost of a single workstation license.

finalRender uses Physically Based Spectral Wavelength Simulation to recreate optical effects on materials which are impossible for older generation ray-tracing systems. Cebas' mission, as always, is to equip artists and designers with the best tools at the best available prices.

"In our quest to reinvent rendering technology, we obviously hit road blocks all the way" says Edwin Braun, CEO of cebas Visual Technology.

"When we started this journey, several years ago, the existing GPU hardware and the software was not ready at that time. It took us a painful amount of time to get where we are right now."

"We are confident, we now have created the foundation of a totally new image creation and rendering experience we can build on for years to come!"

finalRender features video can be viewed on the product page:

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Godot 3.0 gives a sneak peak

Godot is an open-source 2D and 3D game engine. First released to the public in 2014, Godot is working toward a new version release while raising capital.

"Godot has kept growing incredibly fast this past year, even though we haven't made major stable releases. And the growth has not only been in userbase, but in amount of contributors and core developers - the month of August has seen more than 350 pull requests to the engine's code," developer Juan Linietsky said on its website.

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New Motion Graphics Templates push Premiere Pro further

The new Motion Graphics templates, which are editable, flexible, and customizable, allow video editors to change the colors, text, and layout of animated graphics, whether it's a lower-third in a documentary or an animation in a YouTube vlogger's video. While amazing Motion Graphics templates can be created in After Effects, dynamic templates can also be created directly in Premiere Pro, so users don't have to know After Effects in order to work with beautiful looking graphics.

The Premiere Pro .mogrt files (the file extension for Motion Graphics templates) feature a variety of visual styles and effects. In one template Hummelstrand has animated stars in a still image that move independently, creating the feeling of flying through the sky. Then there's a graphic inspired by what he calls "techno matrix stuff," which looks like it should be featured in the opening credits of a blockbuster movie about a galaxy far, far away.

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Lenovo scholar network advances STEM education

Lenovo and its nonprofit partner focused on high school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education, NAF, announced that 68 new NAF academies have been selected to join the Lenovo Scholar Network for the 2017-18 school year. This brings the number of NAF Lenovo Scholar Network academies across the U.S. to 118, serving 5,000 students in 21 states.

The Lenovo Scholar Network, now in its fourth year, provides comprehensive STEM education and mobile app development opportunities to underserved high school students across the nation. Fifty-seven of the 68 academies joining the Lenovo Scholar Network this school year will offer mobile app development to students for the very first time.

NAF and Lenovo initially announced the expansion of the Lenovo Scholar Network earlier this spring with the news of a $1 million grant from Lenovo. The grant provides funding and Lenovo technology over the next three years for select NAF academies and opens the Lenovo Scholar Network program to all NAF academy themes - finance, information technology, health sciences, hospitality and tourism, and engineering - with the goal of advancing STEM education and opportunities to more than 10,000 additional students over the next three years.

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Lenovo provides software-defined, scalable solutions For SAP S/4HANA

Lenovo also announced a scalable memory solution that builds upon next-generation SAP applications to deliver real-time, enterprise critical analytics insights to businesses. Read more

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