Chantelle by Vyktohria

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Chantelle by Vyktohria | vyktohria, digital artist, portraits, featured image

Chantelle by Vyktohria

The Renderosity artist Vyktohria is a master of the digital portrait. This talented artists gallery is filled with remarkable portraits (primarily of women) all of which are vibrant and alive. I chose Chantelle because I love the attitude of the character (sly and held back slightly) and because of the beautiful colors of the hair, jewelry and skin tones.

Chantelle's finger is just over her lips as if there is something she wants to say, but is waiting for the right moment to say it. And yet there is a directness to her gaze that makes the viewer wonder just who she is talking to. It's that ambiguity; the scene that's been set by the artist that captures just the right moment.

Be sure to visit Vyktohria's gallery and store at Renderosity as there are many, many such portraits of all kinds of characters. You'll enjoy the time you spend there.