British Sci Fi Pulp Cover Art Selection

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

British Sci Fi Pulp Cover Art Selection | Ron Turner, British Pulps, Pulp Magazine, Vintage covers

The wonderful and strange covers of sci fi magazines and paperbacks have been the subject of many conversations at conventions and sci fi websites. Not to mention the fact that several galleries have featured the original paintings many of the covers were taken from. American artists like Vincent Di Fate and Kelly Freas have become celebrities for the remarkable graphics they have created for paperbacks and magazines. And there are dozens more.

The British cover artists aren't as well known as their American counterparts. Some of this had to do with the fact that distribution of British pulps and paperbacks were limited in the U.S. Also, artists aren't often identified in magazines or paperbacks. And these "low-brow" magazines were often considered beneath a professional artists dignity, although there were those who created covers under pseudonyms.

The only cover artist I'm sure of in this collection is Ron Turner. He created many, many pulp covers in the fifties. Check out the covers of "I Fight For Mars" and "Ultra Spectrum" as examples. If you'd like to see these covers in their original size, click the link to go to my Flickr page. Plus, Flickr is filled with many collections of Ron Turner's works. It's worth a search!

British Sci-Fi Pulp Covers