Bloody Clouds by Slam

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Bloody Clouds by Slam | Mojoworld, featured images, landscape, slam, renderosity

Bloody Clouds by slam

Slam's Bloody Clouds is a highly evocative landscape created in the application Mojoworld. The artist posted this comment on creating recent images (including Blood Clouds):

"The ones I've posted recently began as a process of experimentation based on Ekpyros, one of the sample files included with the application. I deleted most of the astronomical objects, loaded different terrain textures and materials from the presets library, then tweaked them to get the look I wanted. I also edited the atmosphere, moving cloud layers around and changing their textures. The moon you can see here might be the only element left over unaltered from the original scene!

It's more 'customization' than 'creation', I guess, but it's changed enough from the original that I feel justified in claiming it as 'mine'." - slam

I like the creative way slam works with Mojoworld; using and/or deleting existing assets to create a base and then editing other elements to get just the right look.

The framing of the image is excellent as is the render. The whole image reminds me a bit of the early sword and sorcery covers of books by John Norman, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert Howard. One expects the people and animals of this world so show up any minutes.

Bloody Clouds is a beautiful image that is well-crafted and inspiring. Be sure to visit slam's gallery at Renderosity to see more of this talented and imaginative artist.