Bear by Sabrina Denault

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Bear by Sabrina Denault | Featured Image, Digital Art, Sabrina Denault, oil painting

Bear by Sabrina Denault

Sabrina Denault is an artist I discovered from her FaceBook page. Her skills in oil painting and illustration are very high as you can see from her wonderful painting, Bear. I love the mood and colors in the scene. She managed to capture her character in a private moment, much like a human would have. The air seems thick with texture and you can see the bear thinking. This isn't an easy thing to do, but Sabrina makes it seem easy.

I contacted Sabrina and asked here to tell us a little about herself. Here's what she said:

"I am currently a 3D artist but I've had the opportunity to work in the visual development department on the first animated film of Cinesite Studios in Canada. This experience gave me the motivation to improve my skills in digital painting and work on personal projects during my free time. I offered myself a Cintiq and fell in love! At the end of last year, I created this illustration without any idea in mind or any sketches, which never happens. I am also more of a character illustrator, so I would say that this piece was out of my comfort zone. I focused on depth and atmosphere and I am thrilled with out it came out."

I love the idea that Sabrina sat down and created Bear without any idea or sketch; it just came from her imagination. Perhaps this is why the scene and character seems so alive in the scene.

I urge you to visit Sabrina's FaceBook page and ArtStation page where you can view more of her wonderful work.