Artist Makes Frame by Frame Version of Blade Runner in Microsoft Paint

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Artist Makes Frame by Frame Version of Blade Runner in Microsoft Paint | Microsoft Paint, Blade Runner,

People do things for an amazing variety of reasons. Ideas can be traditional or way out of the norm. Such an "out of the box" ideas is to visually re-create the classic scifi film Blade Runner scene by scene using Microsoft Paint.

Say, "what?"

Yes, artist/blogger David MacGowan decided he didn't really want to write a lot of words for his blog. Plus, he'd been doing Microsoft Paint illustrations for "favorite pop groups site" and wanted to continue working with this ancient, but freaky fun paint program. Blade Runner was a favorite film, so...

The idea of doing something else with MS Paint, a kind of celebration of my not being deterred by lack of artistic talent, never really went away...
-David MacGowan, via Motherboard

I love David's courage to create something regardless of craft or market value. And I like his desire to take something he loves and re-create it on his own terms. The results are strange, but unique and, well, a lot of fun. By reducing the complex visual style to something as simple as a pixelated field, the Blade Runner story takes on an entirely different mood. What was lush is now simple line drawings albeit with a child-like quality.

Perhaps the project is not to everyone's taste, but I think it is way cool and am inspired to do something similar with a favorite film of my own.

You can follow David's MSP Blade Runner via his tumblr blog: