Apocalypse Redux by Egressor

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Apocalypse Redux by Egressor | Featured Image, Egressor, PaintShop Pro

Apocalypse Redux by Egressor

Egressor's Apocalypse Redux is a remarkable digtial artwork that expresses strong feeling with striking color and composition. Centering a young boy in a seeming cataclysm creates a feeling of dread a fear. You wonder who this young boy is and how this terrible scene has come about. The ruggedness of the image, it's gritty quality, comes from skillful manipulation of the application PaintShop Pro. In fact, almost all of the images in this gallery are re-worked using PaintShop Pro.

Apocalypse Redux, along with several other images in the gallery below, are bold and striking expressions of pure feeling. This makes Egressor's works memorable.

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