"Another of the mountain's shadow" by Renderosity member Faemike55

Staff Writer By: Hope Kumor (hopeandlove)

"Another of the mountain's shadow" by Renderosity member Faemike55 | renderosity member, image, photography, photographer

On Renderosity, we have a featured gallery and I used one of Faemike55's photos. Get ready to feel mesmerized.

It is almost like a very rare event to have the sun rise behind Mt. Hood WITH enough clouds that are high enough to catch the mountain's shadow. I think that every photographer that lives west of Mt. Hood live to see this event and be right there to catch the event.

My inspiration for taking this photo is actually based on the rarity of the event and that I love light and shadow play. If you were to traverse my gallery, you'd find a lot of my Daz works based on Light, Shadows, Reflections & Refractions. As I start work very early in the morning at IFTH (Inter-Faith Treasure House - a food bank & thrift store) I have a lot of photo ops that I take advantage of.

For me, the symbolism is at least two-fold: the glory of a sunrise that is captured in the clouds AND it is a stark reminder that Mt. Hood is still considered an active volcano with the Shadow portraying the plume of ash and smoke that would come from it.

I think, for me at least, the meaning that almost all beauty has a hidden danger, even a mountain highlighted by a sunrise.

Why did I decide to take it? I would have considered myself a fool for not taking the shot, as it were. See my first paragraph for further enlightenment. I also use my photos as backgrounds for my DAZ renders plus I do like to digi-fiddle images just to see what they look like (again, if you traipse through my gallery, you'd find some sunrises that I 'modified' through postwork to give a completely different effect or mood.