Afternoon Domes by WZRD

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

Afternoon Domes by WZRD | Featured Images, WZRD, TrueSpace

Afternoon Domes by WZRD


It's been a while since I posted any pics here - what with moving house and also trying to teach myself to use some of the newer and more exotic functions of trueSpace 7.51.

This picture re-uses some buildings from my Venice picture as well as some of my usual crowd characters and my traditional flock of seagulls! The rest is all new models made with tS 7.51.

As always all and any comments are most appreciated.


Stephen, WZRD

WZRD is a fabulous and talented Renderosity artist who uses TrueSpace and other programs to create fantastic worlds that rival anything you see in a Hollywood movie. Seriously.

Afternoon Domes is just one of his works that appealed to me, but there are literally dozens he's created that are just as good. What I like about Afternoon Domes is the sense of a lived-in space. You expect a ship to dock and start unloading passengers! I also love the lighting in the scene. It's always hard to get sunlight right when you include the sun in the scene. It's either too blown out or not hot enough. WZRD gets it just right, wouldn't you agree?

Scale is another element WZRD is a master at. Note the size of the people on the walkway and compare them to the ship on the left. Perfect scale. The scene reminds me of something you'd read in a top selling fantasy novel. What a wonderful work of art!

I urge you to visit WZRD's Gallery where you can indulge in viewing the dozens of worlds he's created.