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30 Unbelievable Halloween Costumes


Here are 30 people with very creative Halloween costumes from an amazing Van Gogh to a couple that actually looks black and white!

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19 - Up for A Game?
Something tells me this guy is going to win this game of Twister! The Real Twister game has been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame - but I doubt this guy will make it there with his twisted version of the game.

18 - #Biggest Fan!
Ceilings are great and of course ultra-important, but now they even have their own fans! And I'm not talking about your regular, inanimate fan that provides a mild breeze on a sunny day! I'm talking cheerleader, autograph groupie type of fan!

17 - We Go Together...
Like Movies and Popcorn, like milk and cookies and like Battery and A salt. Fortunately, at least this time they reflect it in their literal terms.

16 - Good Enough to Eat...
This is probably the most adorable Halloween costume to ever exist! An ingenious way of keeping baby warm on those chilly Halloween nights without it breaking the bank. This burrito baby is priceless.

15 - Seeing Red...
This is more than likely one of the grossest Halloween Costumes to ever be created. I sincerely hope it was an adult only costume party, otherwise there would probably be a lot of unhappy parents around, having to explain things to their kids - they just weren't ready to do yet!

14 - Coming to you live...
Put a box, a set of headphones and some sporting results together, and you get this brilliant live sports presenter - winner of a costume!

13 - Jail Bait...
The effort that goes into some Halloween Costumes is astounding. This dinosaur looks like he is about to stick his catch into laboratory and start prodding and probing him, to find out exactly what makes him tick.

12 - Occupied...
As mentioned in our prior image, some people really go the extra mile to ensure their costume stands out from the crowd. Could this be more realistic if he tried? 10 out of 10 for creativity for this guy!

11 - Pale Face...
This couple went completely vintage with their Halloween costume, and went back in time to the era of black and white movies. Whitney Avalon is the creator of these grey scale creations, which appeared on Huffington Post and Buzzfeed!

10 - 50 Shades of Grey...
Speaking of Grey... perhaps not quite as flawless as our previous post, but just as fun and creative! This guy made his way to his local paint supplier, and got every shade of grey possible - who knew there were so many - and stuck them all over himself. Not quite the Christian Grey you envisioned though, I'm sure.

9 - Easy, Cheap and ...
Not so sleazy - just cute! I'm sure with an idea as creative as this one - these 2 will get loads of likes and this channel will soar with its number of subs!

8 - Going to the dogs...
Halloween isn't just for the humans, but pets become part of the action as well - in fact, often taking the limelight away from some of the kids. This Pirate captain dog, and his chest of treasure was definitely the highlight of this Halloween night.

7 - Shaken not stirred...
This family pet has had something not so great, turn into something spectacular. Just a shame he doesn't even realize what a sensation he has caused!

6 - Not the most popular guy...
It's no wonder this guy is drinking alone - this T-Shirt hasn't done him any favours. Everyone has encountered this error before, and it's the most annoying and frustrating situation to encounter whilst working on your PC.

5 - Drawing comes to life...
Who knew the stickman could look so life-like? Fantastic use of simple white clothing, with some masking tape and cardboard mask with cutouts for the eyes - this kid will be the envy of her friends all wearing their regular fairy and princess outfits!

4 - He is found!
Hiding in and amongst all these pool noodles! I mean sea anemone - which not only protects Nemo right now, but also this clever creator hiding in there, somewhere! Perfect costume if you're not a hugging kind of a person and need your personal space!

3 - The Real Meaning...
According to Cosmopolitan, we have been using some our Emoji's all wrong! This pile of poop, brilliantly brought to life for Halloween, is actually meant to symbolize good luck. Because apparently that's what poo means in Japanese Culture.

2 - Your worst nightmare...
I would steer way clear from this guy at Halloween, or in fact at any time! His recreation of Jack Nicholson in The Shining, is spot on. This movie is still considered one of the greatest horror movies ever made!

1 - Back from the dead...
Van Gogh makes an appearance on one particular Halloween evening. Respect for the guy who sat through ages, whilst being painted to perfection.


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