2016: A Year In Review

Staff Writer By: Hope Kumor (hopeandlove)

2016: A Year In Review | 2016, hope kumor, thank you

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to thank you for your dedication and readership!

I am very happy with the changes that we've made this year. We've been active for over a year now and things can only get better at this point. Next year we're planning on getting advertisers and bringing on more staff writers!

We're hoping next year will go twice as good as this year.

We've had several great reviews, attended some cool events, interviewed some amazing people and of course added some awesome new things to the magazine such as a blog section, book reviews and our Core partners page.

We couldn't have done this without you though as well as the staff writers who bust their butts writing some awe-inspiring articles. So, this is a thank you letter to both staff writers and readers. Without you guys, we don't have a successful magazine.

But, again, I'm always looking for bigger & better. Therefore, if you have any suggestions as to how we could be even better than we are now, please let us know! Send an email to: hopeandlove@renderosity.com.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your Editor-in-Chief

Hope Kumor