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Unity 5.6 Now Available


What's new in Unity 2017.1?

Artist tools for storytelling: introducing Timeline and Cinemachine

As a designer, artist, or animator, you can now create cinematic content and gameplay sequences on your own, without depending on programmers, with new integrated storytelling tools. That means more time doing, and less time queuing for everyone.

Timeline is a powerful new visual tool that allows you to create cinematic content (like the Adam short film). You can use it to create cutscenes, create gameplay sequences, and much more, by orchestrating your game objects, animations, sounds and scenes. With Timeline, you can focus on storytelling and cinematics, not coding.

Timeline's track-based sequencing tool applies a "drag and drop" approach to choreographing animations, sounds, events, videos, and more, for faster creation of beautiful cutscenes and procedural content. Timeline has features for animation and audio, auto-keying and a multi-track interface with the ability to lock and mute tracks. Timeline is extensible via the Playable API and offers you the ability to create your own tracks to drive whatever systems you have in your game. You can make a Timeline clip to represent practically anything-and have those clips repeat, scale and blend together, making the most of the Timeline interface.

Cinemachine is the result of over a decade of building gameplay and cinematic cameras. It now puts industry-leading camera behaviors in everyone's hands, and ushers in the era of procedural cinematography.

It's a suite of smart cameras that dynamically trigger the best shots at the best time based on scene composition and interaction. This eliminates countless hours of hand animation, camera programming, and revision.

The Cinemachine feature is available via the Asset Store, add it to your project now.

From a first-person shooter to a third-person action adventure, you can revolutionize your in-game cameras with Cinemachine. You can easily:

Control sequences like a movie director with advanced camera tools, including real-world camera settings.

Compose shots with a focus on art direction, not implementation details. Give Cinemachine smart cameras simple directions, like following the head of the character, and if the animation changes, your shot will update automatically and continue to work correctly.

With Unity 2017.1, we've added many new capabilities to Cinemachine like:

Target multiple objects: Target multiple objects and set the weighting between them. It creates a logical group, based on any number of subjects, that positions itself according to the position of its members. It can be used as a LookAt and Follow target when tracking a group of objects. Great for 2D as well.

Dynamically frame multiple objects: This will dynamically auto-frame a group of targets based on their positions. If the objects move apart, Cinemachine will adjust the FOV or dolly (or both) depending on a set of rules you create.New completely open API: Easily custom-configure Cinemachine to get exactly the camera behavior your project needs.Dolly track: Create film-like dolly track footage and have your camera smoothly move through your worlds. Ideal for cinematic sequences or game cameras where you want the camera to follow the subject down a set of rails.

Clear shot: Clear shot will dynamically choose the best camera based on shot priority and how good the shot is. Did something move into frame wrecking the shot? No problem, Cinemachine will cut to the next best camera. Incredible for replays or any other cinematic sequence of a variable scenario.

State-driven camera: This allows for code-free linking of cameras and animation states. Easily trigger different camera behaviors from animations.

You can take your storytelling to the next level by combining Timeline and Cinemachine together. Go further still by using the Post-Processing Stack to create effects, and add mood and drama to your scenes.

To get started with Timeline & Cinemachine, check the four sessions recorded at Unite Europe. We've compiled a playlist for you:

We would love to hear what you think. If you have any feedback, feel free to tell us in the Cinemachine and Timeline forums.

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