Faster than Light #3 Cover by bjhaber

Staff Writer By: Ricky Grove (gToon)

 Faster than Light #3 Cover	 by bjhaber | Featured Image, bjhaber, faster than light

Faster than Light #3 Cover by bjhaber

What is not to love about bjhaber's cover for his graphic novel series, Faster Than Light? It has all of the classic science fiction tropes (astronaut, space, strange dimensional warp) and it's brilliantly drawn/painted as well.

bjhaber is an extremely talented artist who has been at the forefront of augmented reality and graphic novels. His Anomaly series incorporated AR brilliantly. And his newest FTL series is exceptional (We'll be reviewing it here at Rendo Mag soon).

What I personally like about this Faster Thank Light #3 cover is it's modern take on a pulp cover. The luridness of the pulp tradition has been translated into a real sense of the weird and strange. I think Freud called it the "uncanny". With a more realistic depiction of the scene, the viewer will likely take more time to try to understand the scene. The colors are wonderful, too. Deep purples, blacks and blues are just so beautiful. All of the panels in the series are like this.

Fine, fine work from Mr. Haber. I've made a small selection from bjhaber's gallery at

Please be sure and check out his Faster Thank Light series website. You can download a free chapter of the series there as well.